Kwik-Clamp 5-Axis Quick-Change Workholding System

Increase Productivity and Lower Costs

Kwik-Clamp 5-Axis

The Kwik-Clamp 5-Axis quick-change workholding system can be used on all five-axis CNC machining centers. Part of TE-CO’s Raptor Workholding products, it allows operators to pneumatically clamp any vise, chuck, fixture, or other type of workholding to the machine table with 2,000 lbs. of clamping force and 0.0002″ accuracy and repeatability. The Kwik-Clamp 5-Axis increases productivity and lowers costs by significantly shortening changeover times, allowing shops to maximize machining throughput.

In addition, this revolutionary system’s patent-pending design has a small footprint that minimizes obstruction and assures easy access to five sides of the workpiece in a single setup. This simplifies processing of intricate or oddly-shaped parts without sacrificing stability.

In summary, the Kwik-Clamp 5-Axis quick-change workholding system provides:

  • Robust, secure clamping
  • Extreme accuracy and repeatability
  • Fast changeovers
  • Increased productivity
  • Obstruction-free machining
  • Reduced tooling costs

What are you waiting for? It’s past time to save time. Get Kwik-Clamp from Raptor today.