The workholding Trifecta for lean manufacturing

Your applications vary in shapes and sizes and so does Raptor. We design our products to work independently or together. With Raptor, you’ll experience decreased set up time, higher yields and shorter cycle times!

Less programming, more manufacturing.

Eliminate the guesswork and get to work.
Spend your time making parts, not figuring out how to hold them. Use our solid models to aid you in your programming. Simple and fast.
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Access 5 sides of your workpiece without changeover.
Speed up your manufacturing by machining five sides of the workpiece in one set-up. Raptor gets out of your way.
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Raptor Bridge Systems

Our Raptor Bridge systems allow you to hold and machine long parts. Choose from two, three or four fixtures.
rwp-04-2xr 5-axis  fixture

Micro Raptors

Stainless steel 5 axis fixtures for small parts.  Mount directly to pallet, machine or even another dovetail fixture.
rwp-015 5-axis  fixture

Fits Any Machine

Our fixtures can fit any 5-axis machine with a variety of adapters and mounting options available for any configuration.
rwp-015 5-axis  fixture

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Raptor fits any machine. Yes, even that one.

We have a wide variety of adapters and risers available. Still need something different? Let us know and we'll help.