Never Build Another Fixture

Raptor dovetail fixtures are the original patented dovetail solution to your 5-axis workholding needs. Our fixtures mount directly to any machine and allow the fastest changeover of any workholding solution. A locating pin ensures your part is placed accurately and quickly and, unlike other products, the clamp can be tightened with a simple hand tool.

The parts you make come in different shapes and sizes and so does Raptor. Our Micro Raptors work great for small parts, while our Raptor Rails and Raptor Tombstone solutions can hold multiple parts or workpieces as heavy as 150 pounds. And Raptor 5-axis fixtures are in stock and ready to ship, so you can get the job done. Not sure exactly what you need? Just contact us and we’ll help you find the best workholding product for your job.

New! Raptor Bridge Systems

Our new Raptor Bridge systems allow you to hold and machine long parts. Choose from two, three or four fixtures.
rwp-04-2xr 5-axis  fixture

Micro Raptors

Stainless steel 5 axis fixtures for small parts.  Mount directly to pallet, machine or even another dovetail fixture.
rwp-015 5-axis  fixture

Fits Any Machine

Our fixtures can fit any 5-axis machine with a variety of adapters and mounting options available for any configuration.
rwp-015 5-axis  fixture