Steel 100mm Self Center Vise


Base Dimensions (L x W in.) 6.49 x 3.937
Weight 22.0000 oz
Dimensions 13.0000 × 13.0000 × 6.0000 in
Bed Height in. 1.96
Jaw Opening in. 0 - 2.5
Jaws Reversed in. 5.62
Maximum Allowed Torque ft/lbs 30
Clamping Force @ Max Torque 4000 lbs
Centering Tolerance +/- 0.0005"
Piranha Zero-Point Adaptable Yes


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100mm Wide – Self Centering Vise
Designed to provide reliable, consistent workholding for your manufacturing needs.

  • All steel construction
  • Automatically positions workpiece in center of vise. Centering tolerance is +/-0.0005″ (+/-0.013mm) and repeatability is 0.001″
  • Jaws adjust from either end of vise.
  • Jaw clamping range is 0-2.500″as shown and 2.500″-5.620″ with jaws reversed
  • Insert options available for a variety of holding applications: Dovetail, Serrated, Parallels, TalonGrip™ , Talon Stop, & Soft Jaws. (all sold separately)
  • Utilizes two dowel pins: one for centering and one for locating.
  • Jaw accessory screws included – (6) FHCS.

Raptor Workholding Products has workholding solutions for your application needs – from start to finish:

  1. Begin with a Self Centering Vise to either machine the dovetail onto a workpiece or machine a part.
  2. Then utilize a Dovetail Fixture or a Multi-Fixture to machine the five sides of a workpiece.
  3. Finally use Pinch Blocks (designed with a dovetail base for quick change) for either machining the sixth side of workpiece for dovetail removal or secondary machining.
RWP-502 Vise Adapter Mounting Configurations
RWP-502 Vise Fixture Mounting Configurations

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