500 x 80 mm Multi-Clamp Vise RailĀ 


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Base Dimensions (L x W mm) 500 x 80
Weight 22.0000 oz
Dimensions 13.0000 × 13.0000 × 6.0000 in
A (mm) 500
B (mm) 90
C (mm) 60
E1 (mm) 40
D1 (mm) 360
E2 (mm) 50
D2 (mm) 350
Weight 15.8 kg
Max Clamping Force 3,596 @ 22 ft-lbs
Jaw Width Compatibility (mm) 105, 120, 80


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The Piranha Multi-Clamp Vise is one of the most accurate, versatile, and flexible clamping systems for multiple workpiece clamping. It is designed for clamping multiple workpieces at the same time on the machine tool table, creating a reduction in part changeover times.

This system is built around a steel clamping rail with standard lengths from 250mm up to 700mm and standard widths of 50mm, 80mm and 105mm.

Piranha Multi-Clamp offers a wide variety of clamping modules that bolt to the vise bed, locating on the 1mm, 60-Rockwell, serrations to maximize clamping repeatability. By utilizing the various clamping modules, the Piranha Multi-Vise can accommodate various clamping requirements needed in today’s machining environments.

Each clamping module utilizes linear clamping with a single screw moving a conical shaped wedge, exerting up to 3,500 lbs. of maximum, uniform holding pressure on the clamped part. The optional jaw offerings allow the customer to clamp on parallels, serrated jaws or “V” jaws.

The optional jaw offerings allow the customer to clamp on parallels/serrated jaws or “V” jaws.

Clamping Rail Dimensions Key
Multi-Clamp System

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