Aluminum Universal Adapter for RWP-502 Vise 9.875″ Diameter, 2.00″ Height


SKU: RWP-222-V100 Categories: ,
Weight 13.0000 oz
Dimensions 11.0000 × 11.0000 × 4.0000 in
Connects to RWP-502
Diameter in. 9.875
Height in. 2.000
Boss / Hole 1.000″ Diameter x 0.30″ Receiving Hole
Material 7075 Aluminum
Machine Type Any


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Small Universal Adapter

Mount directly to your machine table/pallet using slotted c’bores for M10 or 3/8 SHCS. When mounted together, the overall height is 4.971″. If additional height is needed, then mount the RWP-242-V100 Riser Plate in between the vise and adapter for a total z=6.721″. RWP-PLUG-208 (Machinable 2.50″ diameter plug) is available upon request and is sold separately.

See Key Dimensions drawing for more information

Our adapters and risers allow you to attach Raptor workholding products to any four or five-axis CNC machine. If you need an adapter or riser not seen here, please let us know.


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